Rabbit Coops
6L Bantam
Four Compartments

15"L x 18"W x 18" High double partitions. Doors 6" x 9". Full length of section is 69". We can add swinging doors to convert this bantam coop into a rabbit coop.


15 Dwarf Rabbit
One Compartment

13"L x 15"W x 16" High. Full length of sections is 45 inches. All wire 1 inch on center - swinging doors 7" x 16". Equipped with cup holders.


13 Cat, Rabbit or Bantam
Two Compartment

21"L x 21"W x 21" High. Full length of section is 45 inches. This coop shows your cats, rabbits or bantams in wonderful style at the show and give3s a very pleasing effect catery, rabbitry or home use. Equipped with our patent cup holders and swinging doors, 12" x 14" inches. Made with swinging partitions so coop can be converted into a pen in moments.


13A Single
Single Coop

21" L x 21"W x 21" High. This coop is very handy for home use. It has one door 12" x 14" inches.


14 Cat or Rabbit
Two Compartments

25 1/2"L x 22"W x 22" High. Full length of section is 54" Same size as the number 1 coop but only 22 inches high. Ideal when a little larger and roomire coop is desired. Made of gauge wire heavier then the No. 13. Equipped with cup holders and swinging partitions so coop can be converted into one large pen. Swinging doors 12" x 15" inches.


Coop Racks
Protect your Investment. Coop racks make it easy to store and move your coops. Racks available in various sizes and can be moved with forklift, pallet-jack and/ or casters.

Sanitary Feed & Water Cups

Sanitary feed & water cups that are disease free, attractive and inexpensive. 8 oz. Polyethylene plastic cup. 500 per carton. Each cup designed to fit the cup holders on the keipper coops.


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